Monday, October 26, 2009

Arrival in Portugal and Portalegre Downhill

So after an awesome 2 weeks at home in the Naki it was time to jump back on the steel bird again Europe bound for the 3rd time this year, going to Europe nearly feels like going home these days..I was headed for Portugal where I have just started a new job working for Jeff Carter and James Dodds creation NZ Trail Solutions a company building XC trails all over the world.

The 30hr travel sucked as I caught some bug and upon arrival, had to spend 24hrs in bed to try get better before starting work, Its the first time this year that I have been that sick so guess i had a pretty good run really. So the first week of work flew by and we even got to build some cool stuff, some pump track/bmx style rollers and berms and we finished the first track over the week and now have a pretty sweet run built.

Then on our first proper weekend in Portalegre, there was the Portalegre Downhill which is an annual event held in the hill's behind about perfect timing. I was only on my 4x bike as thats the only bike I brought over with me, the track was pretty good on the little bike, and sometimes its more fun just cutting loose on the smaller bike's and I was doing exactly that on saturday's practice session still recovering from two huge night's out on the town meeting all the local's, I was having a rad time on the track swapping out..left..right..and center!

Sunday rolled around and was race day, was cool to be doing a real low key race for once with not much pressure and getting to chill a bit more than racing at World Cup's, saying that though I knew I still had to put in a good run to be able to compete with the local's as there are some pretty good riders in Portugal and they race their home tracks really well. So my first run went pretty solid was a good steady run and I finished up in lead by 2secs over local rider Domingues. I knew that he would probably pull a bit more out in the 2nd run, so I held the next one more wide open and got a bit looser but kept it rubber side down to knock 3secs off my first run time doing a 1.49 i was happy with that as i dont think I could of pushed much more on the 4x bike. So I took the win over Domingues with Nelson boy and fellow track builder in 3rd on a 1.55 another kiwi podium...which is sweet!

Anyways I gotta go, Trails to build!

Keep Living it!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newspaper Article

Here's a cool article Taranaki Daily News did with me, check it out here

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WynTV This is Taranaki

This video has been deleted due to the fact that Moutain biking is prohibited in Egmont national park and I dont suggest anyone rides there under all circumstances.