Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Update

The past week i have spent in Doganaccia doing a bit of road riding and getting physio most days my hand is nearly healed up now, which im pretty happy with cant wait to get back on the bike properly Fort William WC next weekend which should be good times!  Anyways heres a shot by Sven Martin that pretty much sums up my injury and all injuries for that matter haha.
                                                         Keep it real everybody


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update from Italy

Hey havent updated for a while, mainly due to the fact i have healing up from my broken knuckle and there hasnt been much going on. I watched the World Cup in Andorra and it was sick to see Peaty set the World Cup win record at 17 what a legend! Also was good to see fellow kiwi Justin Leov up on the box in 5th! 

Ive been back in Italy the past week getting some training done and enjoying the good weather. Now im at the First round of the Italian Cup Series, just watching as I going to let my hand heal up so that il be back fit for Fort William World Cup hanging out for that! 

So il leave you with a pic of me mucking round, trying to kill some time in the pits at the Italian Cup. 

Keep it Real Everyone

Wyn Masters

Sunday, May 10, 2009

La Bresse Qualifying pain

The track in La Bresse was super sick, and i was loving it on friday during practice i think i got 4 runs done, until I was coming though a drifty turn a little bit quick and drifted out a bit wide and my back wheel clipped a tree, highsiding me over as i fell my hand caught on a rock peeling my middle finger right back. It was pretty sore even to ride down the bottom of the course but i hoped it was just bruised, But by the next day it was super swollen and it would be too painful to practice. Heres a video with a few words from me below.

So I walked the track and watched during practice, then took a couple of pain killers and decided i'd have to give it a go and ride qualifying although it was going to be pretty hard as my hand was so sore i couldnt even bunnyhop, I had to tape my hand around the bars as it was my only chance to ride and with no practice I couldnt ride it very fast and wouldnt want to crash either with my hand stuck to the bar. 

But at the same time i couldnt stand the thought of sitting it out and watching. I rode pretty average stuggling to hang on and riding pretty much blind I basically felt terrible I ended up doing 2.24 which was ok considering I wasnt so stoked and neither was my hand but at least i rode i guess...And i missed the cut by .2 of a second which was no good but better off anyways after the run i went to the hospital and got Xrayed I had a broken knuckle no wonder my hand was so sore and i couldnt hang on.

Il probably be out for a few weeks which is a bit dissapointing, but its all part of what we do I guess and il get some good training in over the next few weeks so thats the only good thing I can take from this. I think half of the reason I got injured is cause I was just thinking the other day I'd been having a lucky run with injuries but that was it. Dont think like that no more haha.

Anyways I watched today and Peaty took it out which was super sick! Im stoked to see him back on top, Hill took 2nd and Sik Mick Hannah in 3rd super stoked to see him making such a good come back from his year off. Brendon Fairclough also stuck an amazing run for 4th place and Gee Atherton took 5th. First NZ rider was Blenky in 9th Followed by Justin Leov in 10th, my team mate Brook Macdonald took 2nd junior.

Anyways I gotta go get some rest and Im over typing left handed 

Thanks to Ancillotti, UFO, Formula, Maxxis, Camperbros, Doganaccia 2000, and everyone else whos helped me out cheers!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Townhill Pics+La Bresse

Heres a few more pics of the Bergamo Townhill, thanks to David Umberto Zappa some sick shots check out his other work at Im now in La Bresse for the 2nd World Cup round track looks sick should be fast and not too much pedalling for a change. First day practice tommorow should be sick! 

Gotta roll