Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update from Italy

Hey havent updated for a while, mainly due to the fact i have healing up from my broken knuckle and there hasnt been much going on. I watched the World Cup in Andorra and it was sick to see Peaty set the World Cup win record at 17 what a legend! Also was good to see fellow kiwi Justin Leov up on the box in 5th! 

Ive been back in Italy the past week getting some training done and enjoying the good weather. Now im at the First round of the Italian Cup Series, just watching as I going to let my hand heal up so that il be back fit for Fort William World Cup hanging out for that! 

So il leave you with a pic of me mucking round, trying to kill some time in the pits at the Italian Cup. 

Keep it Real Everyone

Wyn Masters

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