Monday, July 23, 2012


As most of you may know I'm injured at the moment and waiting for a surgery on my wrist but I thought everyone needs to know the full story on what happened this season, so here's a bit of an update

So 2012 was off to a pretty good start and things were going really well just building up to the European season where I was to ride for an Italian team Argentina Bike, I was stoked to get this ride after having some rough luck last year with injury, but already felt I was back up to speed after some good results in the NZ race series, and a third place at the Oceania Champs..But one week before I was to leave for Europe I had a crash which was no fault of my own.

I was out riding in Nelson when my handlebars snapped while pulling up to jump a section of trail as you can imagine this is probably the worst thing to happen as there is no warning, I ended up falling in to heaps of rocks and smashed my face pretty good my wrist didn't actually hurt too bad at the time, but started aching afterwards the first doctor said it was only sprained but an X-ray a week later confirmed a broken scaphoid which I have learned is probably the worst bone that could of been broken due to the low blood supply, its a really slow healer.

My surgeon said it wouldn't need surgery and that I could expect a 6 week recovery, so I put my head down and worked hard leading in the season doing the training that I could and actually felt really solid ready to go, but after when I had another X-ray in Europe 6 weeks later it hadn't healed as well as I would have liked in the end it didn't really heal which left me thinking surgery day one would have been a much better option, but at the time I didn't know this so you can only listen to what the surgeon says!

I spent a while in Europe at my team manager Roberto Vernassa's place which was awesome they live in an amazing place above the Italian Riviera, with heaps of trails all around there I was pretty gutted not too be riding! I also went the World Cups in the US and Canada and made a couple of WynTV videos something I really enjoy especially if I cant race, I even got a trip in to New York which was pretty awesome probably the best city I have visited, we had one crazy night there which lacks a few memories but was a good time.

Now I am back home in New Plymouth, waiting for the surgery and actually got a bit of skiing in the other week up Mount Taranaki which was sweet! After the surgery I will start back in the gym getting ready to get back on the bike, after all the shit luck that I have had I am more motivated than ever to be back racing and with any luck it shouldn't be too far away!

Thanks to everyone that supports me, I will be back racing soon and get the results I know I can!  Thanks to all my sponsors, Argentina Bike, 4Guimp, THE Helmets, Leatt Brace, Loaded Sports Drinks, Skullcandy NZ, Fox Europe, and Backflips NZ for keeping me fresh!