Monday, May 2, 2011

Back on the Horse

So at the weekend I raced at Round one of the IXS European cup at Monte Tamaro, Switzerland. I wasn’t really planning on actually racing as it was my first time back on the bike since my injury at the beginning of February, also the first outing for my new MS Evil Racing team and onboard my new Evil bike which is super sick I must say! So I just took it as it came and did a few runs I didn’t feel that great on the bike but was improving with each run I did, although the course got chopped up pretty good and made it pretty harsh on my arm which is still a bit sore to ride with, and i was also getting arm pump which I never get other wise but I suppose 3 months off the bike will do that.

So I decided I would just give the race a go anyway and wasn’t too worried about results, but at the sametime I hate going to a race and not giving it everything but I rode pretty steady and didn’t have the best of runs well it certainly wasn’t how I wanted to be riding, but I have a good few more weeks to get ready for Fort Bill where I want to be back at 100% and give it my all. I still managed to take a 9th place which I was happy enough with, my MS Evil team mates did pretty sick with Brook taking 5th place and Markus Pekoll taking out the win for the team which was pretty awesome to see!

So now I am back in Austria to do some more riding and get some more training in for Fort Bill and get all the strength back in my arm.

I want to thank everyone that helped me out over the weekend especially all the guys at MS Evil Racing, I am stoked to have such great support from them this season and it will make it alot easier for me to get the job done on track. Also big thanks to my sponsors Backflips Clothing, Adidas Eyewear, Burgtec, Loaded Isotonic Drinks, Infamous Designs, and THE Helmets


  1. Cant believe people are hating on you man your awesome, your vids from last year of you in les gets and morzine are soo funny cant wait for you to do some more!, good luck with the riding dawg