Friday, April 17, 2009

Arrival in Italy, Windy roads and Jetlagged Dh runs

I arrived in Italy very tired after 3 shitty flights. On the long on from SA to Europe i was sat next to some fat guy who seemed intent on elbowing me the whole time so no sleep there. I was met by Tomaso Ancillotti the main man from Ancillotti Cycles who are looking after me this year. We then drove to where i will be based this year Doganaccia. It seemed like the drive took for ever and a lot of it on windy roads where you could only go around 50kmh. 

I was happy to finally arrive there, and it was good to catch up with my NZ team mate Brook Macdonald, And to meet the Guys from Doganaccia 2000 our team sponsor and the place where we will be staying and training this year. Tomaso was keen to ride to i did 2 runs feeling super tired that was enough for me the course was pretty crazy its around 8min long and mainly flat turns with a few rocks pretty loose.

After riding i was pretty much ready to sleep, so it was back to the apartment. The next day we awoke to heavy winds and rain so the lift was unable to run leaving us inside for the day. I have a town race coming up soon check it out should be sick fun

Will update in the next week with some riding pics on my new Ancillotti DHP
Take it easy..

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