Friday, April 17, 2009

Oceania Champs and Canberra Crashing

So this is abit late for this update now, but im going to post it anyways. I packed up all my gear ready for another 6months away from home and headed off to Sydney where I stayed a night at the Yha Backpackers hostel it also happened to be St Patricks day so, It was pretty noisey all night and I didnt get much sleep. 

The next day I caught the Bus to Canberra where i met up with the other NZ team riders and went through to Thredbo with them. At Thredbo i stayed with the Murrell family and some of the other boys from queensland, Thanks heaps to Kay for putting up with me and looking after me. Anyways so the track at thredbo is super long and i knew all my training i had been doing was going to help me out here.

Come to Qualifying i felt good on the course, and put in a pretty strong run to see how i would go with my fitness. I surprised myself and Qualifyed 2nd behind Jared Graves, I was happy with that as it finally showed my training was paying off. The next day was race ay so it was back to the apartment to rest the legs and have a big feed!

Race Day came an i waited at the top for quite a long time as i was second to last to go, I was pretty happy with how i rode my run but made a couple of mistakes, but it was really hard not too on a course this long, I got to the bottom and was leading but Graves was next rider to come and smashed it beating me by 5seconds nice work by him! I was stoked to be 2nd and get some good Uci Points too.

The next week I headed to Canberra catching a lift there with crazy frenchman Ghislain Ricci and staying with Kye Hore Cheers for letting me stay. I spent the week riding bmx track and skateparks, theres quite a few really good skateparks in Canberra. Then on Sat I did some runs with local pinners Tim Eaton and James "Bashy" Bashford, the tracks around Canberra are a bit limited unless you're keen to push. 

I did a few runs at Mt Ainslie before heading to Mt Stromlo, the venue for 09 Worlds. I had a crash in my first run sliding out on one of the turns and grazing up my elbow...oh well nothing new, then we did a few more runs and i was starting to enjoy it abit more till the last run of the day,  I had the gayest stupidest crash, after jumping the last double i tryed to turn to go around a drop got highsided and thrown bout 5metres. Bending my cranks and chainguide. About the best thing i could of done about 12hrs before flying to South Africa.

Thats all i got from Australia


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