Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodtimes in Slovenia

So havent updated for a while, been busy enjoying the nice weather here in Slovenia. After Fort William I headed out to Slovenia for the European Champs in Kranjska Gora, which was a real cool event the track was sick nice steep section at the top and fast middle section, it certainly made for a good weekends training. My race didnt go so well as i got red flagged by a marshall and couldnt get a rerun but oh well still was a sweet weekend! 

We then packed up and drove to Maribor where we spent the next day doing runs on all the tracks we had a train of us pinning it down pretty much trying to beat each other which was a good laugh! The day after myself and Tam Murrell a young aussie junior headed in to town to check it out, and it was definitely worth the look..the amount of hot girls was crazy so it made for a good days worth of looking at the local scenery.

Then today we met up with Ancillotti main man Tomaso "le Tomato" and checked out Brook's sweet new bike that he will be testing here, It has lighter tubing and a sweet NZ flag sticker kit! We will both be on similar bikes to this in Canberra for the World Champs. After that we walked the DH course which looked sick a couple of new sections in there cant wait to ride it tommorow,  we then killed some time mucking round in the pits,  busting out some sweet flat land moves, getting us warmed up for 4x practice it was myself and Brook's debut to WC 4x and we were having some fun on the jumps the track here is pretty cool, hopefully we make the cut in qualifying, might have to stay "low and Pro" although that looks abit boring! 

Anyways I gotta go have some food and sleep busy weekend this one, DH practice tommorow followed by 4x practice then 4x qualifying. 

Hold it wide..


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